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A respected singer and performer in numerous RAI and Mediaset programmes, Benny Fadlun has formed a very talented artistic team. A small/large multi-ethnic orchestra composed of highly talented singers, musicians and dancers, a unique musical experience:

Musical Festival Show Mazaltovband

Today Benny Fadlun and the Mazaltovband are synonyms of quality and success, and they offer a touch of originality that allows the spectator to experience a veritable musical journey around the world.

All details have been carefully selected and nothing is left to chance, from the musical selection to the organisation of artists and their image, without neglecting lighting, stage effects and location.

This exceptional team can help realise unique events of great artistic value. For now, good browsing!



Let yourself be transported by oriental and ethnic rhythms and international hits.


Getting married in Italy

Getting married in Italy is becoming an international trend, synonym of elegance and class, and Benny Fadlun, to accommodate this preference for Italian culture and art, incorporates the best of Italian song classics in a “made in Italy” show that will fascinate and enchant an international audience, giving hosts and their guests unforgettable emotions.

Benny Fadlun and his musical band, the Mazaltovband, have become the reference point for wedding entertainment in Italy by interpreting this new trend, not only for the Italian public but also for people from abroad who have chosen our beautiful country as the ideal place to celebrate their wedding.

Furthermore, thanks to his great experience in the wedding sector in Italy, Benny Fadlun will be delighted to recommend his best Kosher associates in every sector of wedding organisation: from photographers and video operators to caterers and locations, without neglecting florists and car hire specialists.

By also assisting the bride and groom with their religious ceremony and marriage in Jewish temples in Italy, Benny Fadlun offers a complete package for those who wish to celebrate their wedding in Italy: all you have to do is choose our beautiful country and buy your travel tickets.

Benny Fadlun

Successful events.

who is Benny Fadlun

In all this time I have always tried to give something more in every occasion, bringing numerous original touches and talented artists together, to make each EVENT UNIQUE...
Every time surprising, allowing something to remain in your heart over time, and not simply let the day finish with a wonderful sunset, still maintaining his class.

You are never too young or too old to chase love, even if you have to overcome numerous obstacles. The important thing is to find the right person for you, regardless of sex, because:

Love is patient, it’s kind and is not envious.
Love does not brag ... does not behave badly.
Love does not seek self-interest.
Love gives you joy and happiness.

Our best wishes to all our loving couples.
The ones in the past and the ones in the future...

by Benny Fadlun

Many of the people I have met over the years have confirmed this, for us this is the best motivation to improve, to become even better, committing ourselves to read the heart and soul of our clients and friends, bringing ENTERTAINMENT to those who trust us to do so. With my TEAM, we will share in your joy without leaving anything to chance.

I believe this is the characteristic that has made possible the long growth path that has made the name of our Orchestra memorable possible over the years.

By Benny Fadlun Musical Festival Show MAZALTOVBAND Live Glamour Parties. Rome – Italy

Our Band

The Mazaltovband Musical Festival Show is an orchestra made up of musicians and singers of various nationalities: this blend of cultures is the reason why every Mazaltovband show offers you flavours and folk traditions from different parts of the world. Using instruments, percussion and an orchestration curated in the smallest detail, the Mazaltovband reinterprets and offers different musical styles, embedding them in a Made in Italy Fashion & Glamour live musical festival show.

The Mazaltovband Musical Festival Show takes inspiration from the best international musicals from the past and the present: from the swing jazz of the 50s to the Dolce Vita of the 60s, from the Bossanova Cocktail-Lounge to traditional Arab-Hebrew harmonies, up to the most modern type of dance. Benny Fadlun and the Mazaltovband also include current great hits and the Music Revival of the best years of the 70s and the 80s.

The talent and competence of our musical artists in corporate events and weddings will captivate your guests and will ensure that your party will have a special place in their memories: thanks to original artistic solutions prepared in every detail, your event will be unique and memorable. To personalise your show, we have a team of dancers, singers, musicians, professional wardrobe and make-up artists who will be at your service for exclusive solutions, able to communicate an explosive energy for your unforgettable festival show.

mazaltov duo


mazaltov duo


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Our artists

Music and shows for events and weddings. Only by using your hearts you can communicate emotions to those listening ...


Singer Benny Fadlun

Benny & Marco

Singers Benny & Marco


Singer Debby


Singer Enrica


Singer Chiara

singer vincent

Singer Vincent

cantante ambra

Singer Ambra


Vocal Dancer Kevin

dj Dominique

Dj Dominique

DJ alessio

Dj Alessio

sassofonista Giampiero

Sax Giampiero


Sax Alessandro


Chitarra Zac

mazaltov band Chitarrista Lorenzo

Chitarrista Lorenzo


Bassista Mimmo


Batterista Fabiano

mazaltov band Fabrizio

Violinista-Pianista Fabrizio

piano and key max

Piano & Key Max

violinista Monica

Violinista Monica

mazaltov band Huan

Violinsta Huan

Quartetto D’archi POESIA

Quartetto D’archi "POESIA" Black

Quartetto D’archi POESIA

Quartetto D’archi "POESIA" Gold

mazaltov band Valentina

Ballerine & Staff Dancers Valentina

mazaltov band Hermes

Percussionista Ballerino Hermes

A team of specialists, guided by Benny Fadlun for your wedding or event.

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+39 335 6117141